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Because Exiflex is a totally new flexible display concept, we are constantly developing new applications and adaptations for its use.

Exiflex Doors
September 2010

Working with Beswick Design in Leicester, we have recently piloted a new use for Exiflex at a leading retailer’s out-of-town DIY store.

The system has been used as a top and bottom door runner to hold 2 doors made from 3800 micron Correx printed directly with the clients branded message. Each door measures 1.2m wide x 1.6m tall and covers the upper stock holding shelves in the sheet timber section of the store.

Doors can be slid from one bay to the next along a track that can be of any length to give clear access for fork lift trucks. Exiflex track comes in 3m lengths that can be joined using our connector bar and the door runner in 5m lengths.

Exiflex and Octanorm
August 2010

Working with Octanorm, we have developed a way of fixing our Exiflex track to Octanorm shell schemes.
This opens up great opportunities in the exhibition market to enable full backdrops to be easily fitted to the mass of shell scheme stands that are present at every event. With the growing popularity of printing onto textiles, this solution delivers great benefits to exhibitors. Graphics can now be transported to the event with ease and fitted in not much more time than putting up pop ups and fixing poster to walls.

Fitting an Exiflex backdrop gives a total coverage of the shell scheme and does not intrude into the costly floor space giving exhibitors more space to display their wears.

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