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Exiflex Window Banner Option

Q: Is Exiflex a needless and more expensive solution compared to an eyeleted banner?
A: No, to your supplier, it’s still one process; weld or stitch the runner to the banner v. fix the eyelets and hemming. To you, it’s a better finish, more durable and more reliable.

Q: Is Exiflex subject to being vandalised? Why should I spend more when it won’t last any longer?
A: Our customers, particularly with heavy traffic sites such as pubs, tell us they have had Exiflex signs in place for 18 months without any problems, in contrast to the eyeleted banners they used before, which were constantly being torn. So Exiflex actually is much better value for money.

Q: Is Exiflex more time consuming and technical to fit and change the banner?
A: No, Exiflex is actually easier. All you need to do is slide in the banner, push on the end caps and tighten the locking screw. It’s a one-person process, without having to fix each eyelet with a bungey cord or string. And of course it ALWAYS looks perfect.

Q: Do I have to make my sign fit to Exiflex sizes?
A: No, Exiflex can be provided in virtually any size. It is made from lightweight, easy to handle PVC, which can be cut to your precise size.

Q: Is Exiflex a more expensive solution?
A: There is a small initial investment in buying the track, complete with locking end caps. But once these are bought, they can be re-used for many years. Amortised across a year, the cost is no more than using a conventional eyeleted banner, and is quicker and easier to fit – see Q above.

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