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Fitting Exiflex

Exiflex is easy to fit to any surface. The lightweight track can be applied using a wide variety of fixings to suit the surface. It can be:

• screwed into a brick wall
• cable tied to a fence
• bolted to a free-standing unit
• bolted to a truck or van side
• fixed to glass using suckers
• fixed using Velcro

Exiflex is setting up a UK wide supplier network for end users.

To discuss your fitting requirements call them directly. We can provide comprehensive fitting guidelines to the trade to help you to fit Exiflex to any surface. We have sourced a wide variety of fittings which we buy in bulk and you can buy in quantities to suit you.

We are also interested in finding new ways to use Exiflex.

If you have fitted a display in an unusual way, let us know by email or call us on 0161 976 5001