Exiflex Option
Led Light Box Option
Exiflex Window Banner Option
Greens Banner Image
Medium sized
3m by 1m sign on perimeter or wall, ideal for licensed retail or retail businesses, for either branding or promotional messages.

Greens Banner Image
Large wall dominating
'48 sheet' equivalent sign, ideal for any business wanting to get across a brand, product launch or promotional message to passing customers.

Greens Banner Image
Internal window banner
2-3m by 0.75-1m, ideal for retail, high street location businesses, for product or service launch or promotional message.

Greens Banner Image
Fascia signage
Any size, ideal for retail opening, promotion or new product message.

Greens Banner Image
Portable banner frame
1-3m by 0.5-1m, for use around the site, and easily stored when not required. Ideal for sports and retail park businesses wishing to promote product or service launch or promotional message.

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