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As a free standing display, Exiflex can be used as a cost effective alternative to conventional pop ups. It provides a one-piece graphic solution, so no struggling to align the graphics, and apart from the graphic itself, packs down into a 1.3 meter long padded bag.

Extra poles can be added to create a graphic as long as you want. Exiflex is a cost-effective solution to producing a seamless backdrop to a custom build or shell scheme exhibition stand.

It gives the exhibitor full scope to create exactly the graphic impression they want, using ‘state of the art’ graphic materials and printing technology.

Essential Cuisine

The picture above is of the Essential Cuisine stand at The Northern Restaurant & Bar Show at Manchester Central, (formerly G-Mex), in April 2008. The whole floor to ceiling backdrop is printed on 3mm Forex and slid into horizontally mounted lengths of Exiflex. The stand was designed and built by Ask Design in South Manchester.

Exiflex track can be fitted at right angles to shell scheme posts and the one piece graphic slid in to create a panoramic backdrop. The Exiflex advantage is limited only by the exhibitors imagination; Exiflex track can be set at any height; it can be transported to site, set up, amended and dismantled much more easily, quickly and thus cost-effectively; it can use state of the art lighting and effects techniques not possible with conventional shell scheme structures; it delivers faultless graphic display everytime.

Exiflex track and graphics can be re-used in many situations, further improving its cost-effectiveness We are continually developing Exiflex to make it easy to use with all shell scheme systems.

Exiflex is already compatible with the widely used Octanorm profiles and many other shell scheme systems. We have experience of fitting out exhibition stands using Exiflex and would be happy to pass on any tips so if you have any questions, give us a call.

For more information email or call us on 0161 976 5001