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Outdoor Solutions

Exiflex outdoor is the only cost-effective solution to providing a seamless, totally flexible display.

Exiflex gives you options you didn’t know you had. Using any surface, from a brick wall to a wire fence, from poles and frames to truck and van sides, Exiflex outdoor provides the same unrivalled low cost, high quality of graphic display, everytime, guaranteed. Unlike current solutions, Exiflex is not restricted by size and surface.

An Exiflex track and graphic solution can be from ½ metre by ½ metre to…what you want it to be.

An Exiflex track and graphic solution can be applied to any surface, either flat or curved.

It can use any ‘state of the art’ printing material, displaying any message you wish, single or double-sided, all at a cost dramatically less than current systems.

More useability, more creativity, more dependability, less cost, that’s the secret of ‘Exiflexibility.’ And when you’ve finished with it outdoors, you can use the same graphic indoors, at your product launch or customer meeting.

Using the same track, Exiflex indoor and outdoor are totally compatible.

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