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Trade F.A.Q's

Q: Is Exiflex another finishing process that will add to the cost?
A: No, Exiflex needs no more finishing than an eyeleted banner. It’s one process, fixing the runner to the graphic, the same as fixing the eyelets and hemming a standard banner. Once it’s done, the finish is more durable, easier to fit and replace, and looks so much better.

Q: Won’t I get wastage with Exiflex I just don’t get with eyeleted banners?
A: Our experience is that a common size for a banner sign is 3 metres, so we supply Exiflex in a standard length of 3 metres. Being lightweight PVC, it can easily be cut to the size your customer needs. We supply connector bars which mean that smaller pieces can be joined to minimise wastage, AND with Exiflex, you are more likely to get replacement graphic printing, locking your customers into using Exiflex and you, increasing your profitability.

Q: Is there a maximum size for using Exiflex on signs?
A: We haven’t found it yet! We regularly supply and fit signs of 7 metres and 10 metres in length, and 4 metres in depth. We supply simple push in connector bars, which allow 3 metre lengths of Exiflex track to joined together so signs can easily be made over 3 metres in length.

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