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What is Exiflex?

Exiflex is a track display system designed to hold banners and flexible graphics, capable of providing a unique display solution in both indoor and outdoor situations. It pushes the possibilities of graphic display to new
levels – limited only by your creative imagination.

Exiflex is vastly superior to any other graphic display system currently available, providing image quality, display flexibility, ease of use and cost advantages.

It is the future of graphic display.

The Exiflex System:

The Exiflex system comprises three main elements:-

• a flexible PVC track
• any size of graphic
• a flexible runner welded to the graphic which transports it in the track

Exiflex also has a locking end cap as standard for outdoor usage to
prevent weather damage and reduce vandalism.

The system:-

• can be used inside and out
• can be applied to any surface
• can display any size graphic
• can bend and flex
• can use graphics that are printed both sides
• graphics are easy to replace
• graphics are locked in place
• is low maintenance
• has a long lifespan

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